Monday, June 2, 2008

Reading material

Some of you may already know but my sister-in-law brought me a new magazine, which of course, I love!! It's from National Geographic. Some of the info in there I already knew but it's always nice to be reminded that you are on the right track but there were still lots of new products and ideas. Check it out!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garbage Woman

So, the more I study and read, the more I realize there are so many steps in being green... it can be intimidating.. I have discovered, after much soul searching, I am a garbage woman!!

This means, I have mostly concentrated my green efforts on garbage and waste disposal... Evevrytime I throw something away, I imagine it lying in a landfill forever...

I hate garbage!!! HATE HATE HATE it !! So, around the Puckett household, I spend most of my time finding ways to eliminate the garbage we have.

And I start at the grocery store.
1. I use my recycle bags for transporting the groceries... they are really inexpensive now and are everywhere... Ikea has great big blue bags that are like $0.50 a piece...
2. I never put my fresh vegetables and fruits in a plastic bag... I just put them directly in the buggy... It's easier on the cashier too.
3. I try to buy in bulk as much as possible, easier on me and eliminates the extra packaging
4. I don't buy products that are individually wrapped... it involves so much extra stuff.. For example, I started buying big jars of applesauce, insteadof the individual ones.. PLUS, if I do buy individual items, I try to make sure they are packaged in a recyclable material, like most of the small odd shaped plastic bowls are not recyclable, so I buy them in aluminum.

Kids' food is such a culprit when it comes to waste, and believe me, as a working mom, I LOVE convenience... but really it's not alot of trouble..

Any more ideas?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

So, I begin with the greatest of intentions. I just want a place to talk about things that are important to me...
And, for those interested, share any new information or learn any answers or solutions for other moms like me just trying to be a little more earth-friendly.

I hope that this blog will constantly be updated with exciting and new information but... let's be honest... that can only happen if I have help so, if you have any great green tips or ideas, let me know and, in turn, let everyone know!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Since I'm not busy enough....

I've decided to start this blog.

I am a firm believer that if you spend time and energy doing things you enjoy, you will be repaid somehow. And finding ways to conserve and reuse things is very dear to my heart...

I spend alot of time researching and finding new products that are earth-friendly but still practical for a working mom that only has so many hours in the day, so in order to organize and share this information I decided to begin here...