Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garbage Woman

So, the more I study and read, the more I realize there are so many steps in being green... it can be intimidating.. I have discovered, after much soul searching, I am a garbage woman!!

This means, I have mostly concentrated my green efforts on garbage and waste disposal... Evevrytime I throw something away, I imagine it lying in a landfill forever...

I hate garbage!!! HATE HATE HATE it !! So, around the Puckett household, I spend most of my time finding ways to eliminate the garbage we have.

And I start at the grocery store.
1. I use my recycle bags for transporting the groceries... they are really inexpensive now and are everywhere... Ikea has great big blue bags that are like $0.50 a piece...
2. I never put my fresh vegetables and fruits in a plastic bag... I just put them directly in the buggy... It's easier on the cashier too.
3. I try to buy in bulk as much as possible, easier on me and eliminates the extra packaging
4. I don't buy products that are individually wrapped... it involves so much extra stuff.. For example, I started buying big jars of applesauce, insteadof the individual ones.. PLUS, if I do buy individual items, I try to make sure they are packaged in a recyclable material, like most of the small odd shaped plastic bowls are not recyclable, so I buy them in aluminum.

Kids' food is such a culprit when it comes to waste, and believe me, as a working mom, I LOVE convenience... but really it's not alot of trouble..

Any more ideas?