Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garbage Woman

So, the more I study and read, the more I realize there are so many steps in being green... it can be intimidating.. I have discovered, after much soul searching, I am a garbage woman!!

This means, I have mostly concentrated my green efforts on garbage and waste disposal... Evevrytime I throw something away, I imagine it lying in a landfill forever...

I hate garbage!!! HATE HATE HATE it !! So, around the Puckett household, I spend most of my time finding ways to eliminate the garbage we have.

And I start at the grocery store.
1. I use my recycle bags for transporting the groceries... they are really inexpensive now and are everywhere... Ikea has great big blue bags that are like $0.50 a piece...
2. I never put my fresh vegetables and fruits in a plastic bag... I just put them directly in the buggy... It's easier on the cashier too.
3. I try to buy in bulk as much as possible, easier on me and eliminates the extra packaging
4. I don't buy products that are individually wrapped... it involves so much extra stuff.. For example, I started buying big jars of applesauce, insteadof the individual ones.. PLUS, if I do buy individual items, I try to make sure they are packaged in a recyclable material, like most of the small odd shaped plastic bowls are not recyclable, so I buy them in aluminum.

Kids' food is such a culprit when it comes to waste, and believe me, as a working mom, I LOVE convenience... but really it's not alot of trouble..

Any more ideas?


Amber said...

Nikki, I too hate garbage. The idea of a diaper sitting in a landfill for 1000 years makes me want to throw up. We've moved to the 7th Gen diapers that are biodegradeable and chemical free. They are more expensive, but the guilt is not there when the purchase is made and so it makes it worth it. We also try to buy glass containers over any plastic and save the glass. I use the jars for canning and holding leftovers and such. I want to go back to the guilt thing, though, because I think it speaks volumes. Scott and I have become really committed to choosing to spend our money WHERE we want. This means that we pay more because we're trying to cut out the big grocers and dept. stores in favor of farmers, locally owned stores, and such. The positive feelings it creates, though, are well worth it. I know exactly WHO my money is going to and I know they are committed to making this world more beautiful. It feels great! As a fellow garbage hater, you would probably really love composting. I am experimenting with it this year and knowing that some of our waste is being put to use in our garden is refreshing. Plus, it looks pretty gross and Eli would probably love it because of that. Sorry for being longwinded, but I could really go on forever when talking about this stuff. You're right. It is overwhelming! We just have to take it one step at a time.

Mia said...

Right on sister! :)

(Don't tell Amy that you don't bag the produce items. I think she's the one who went nuts when she saw I did that.) See, Amy, I'm not crazy!

The Bryant's said...

I'm not sure I'm totally with the going green thing--NOT because I don't care--I mean, I just haven't totally taken the time to rearrange my life to get on the wagon yet....I will though, don't worry! :) I have stopped buying paper plates. But...I never understood why people put their produce in those little plastic bags anyway--what's the point? It's not like those bags are protective. Maybe I'm green and don't even know it.